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I SO very much missed having a luxurious bed to lie about in till midday. The cabin aboard the Valkyrie is at least almost comfortable. Could use some curtains and a mirror. At least it doesn’t smell like the crew. And the company is, well, too wonderful for words! Woke up suddenly tonight. Zafi was quite worn out from earlier and slept soundly. She looks so innocent in her sleep. Kit was curled around my feet as always. She is like a living warm blanket I love to snuggle with.

I tried to get up without waking anyone, but Kit’s hearing is so sensitive. Told her to go back to sleep and went on deck. Seems we were chasing a small scout ship before it could reveal our whereabouts. I got Akel on deck just in case but it all seemed to be for nothing. We were too far for us to hurt it. We finally drew close enough for Duke to blast it with an impressive shot from his weapon. Similiar to the blaster-thingies we got from Thomas’s people but more powerful.

Duke is the leader of the four we saved I surmise. Chase and Nautica are brother and sister and the very drunk one is Rotgut. Spent some time flirting on deck for a while. Kit came up to fetch me, sent by Zafi. She bribed her with a back-rub, can’t say I blame her they are incomparable. Talked to Zafi about Kit and our situation. Asked her opinion of my soul sharing idea with Kit. She seemed intrigued but wanted to think it over. It’s a more permanent step and she knows it. Zafi and I are commited for eternity, but what of Kit ?

I might need to move slow for their sakes but my heart has already chosen. I do have one fear. What if many years from now I may return home, but Kit cannot follow? What then? How could I abandon my people, my home, my family? I miss them so desperately even now, I feel a dull ache in my chest every moment. Would I be fair to her to ask her to leave her home for me? And that would even be if it is possible, what if it is not? It would have been wiser for my foolish heart to have waited before loving, but that is too late now.

There was some way for us to be ported here, if we can find a way to port back and forth the problem will be solved. I think that is the key here. Now I am tired and Zafi’s arms are calling me…

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