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OK, well we were kidnapped last night! As Thomas was making modifications to one of the self propelled wagons we were attacked. A large object desended from the sky and emmitted a blue beam that immobilized us. We were taken onboard a flying fortress of some sort, powered by a more powerful type of this tech. We were tossed in a cell and left. Upon awaking I stepped through the locked door into the hallway. Transporting the party outside we looked for a way to escape. We moved to a lifter room and emerged on a different floor. The fortress (controled by the TechOverlords we later discovered) was under attack by pirates (or FreeBooters as they seem to like being called).

Kit was missing. She was taken from us and we NEEDED to find her. I was NOT going to abandon her for anything. We found her after a quick search on a laboratory level. They had all sorts of painful devices plugged into her. I began to hate the TechOverlords at this moment. How DARE they hurt my darling Kit I am plotting revenge in the back of my mind, something slow, slow and hurtful. We managed to free her with no apparent ill effects.

The bad situation dictated a fast exit, we had to abandon our box (stored on a different level) to insure our escape. We found our way to an escape pod taking four Tech Overlord minions (who led the way around the ship, and proved helpful) and four Freebooters we freed from a cell near ours. Our pod was picked up by the freebooter ship the Valkyrie.

We are guests aboard the Valkyrie. Captain Talon is a gentleman and has displayed courtesy and manners. We had a wonderful dinner with the captain and our new Freebooter friends we saved. Apparently this ship is from the SeaDog clan, and our friends are from the Raven clan.

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