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We found a group of farmers scratching a meager living from the soil. They have some crude irrigation, leftovers from a better era it seems. They turn a large part of their harvest over to a group of Nomads that ride about on some sort of ‘tech’ golem mount. Like a self propelling wagon I guess? (We later discovered these Nomads somehow use these crops to fuel their wagons.) We approached our target zone and discovered that it was somehow poisoned. The very air was toxic and laced with some sort of ‘radiation’ that is invisible and slowly fatal over time. We couldn’t approach without dying a slow horrible death.

Sometimes I can’t tell if Thomas is stumbling to find the words to explain what he means to me, or if his mouth just doesn’t work right with his eyes glued to my boobs. I scryed upon the target zone and we discovered it was occupied by a large number of hulking creatures (We later found out they are called Trogs, according to Capt. Talon) We asked Uncle Randall to go up ahead and check things out. The poison won’t affect him (we hope). He got there and consumed the Trog-creatures. He is so fascinating to watch as he eats. I almost felt sorry for the poor cattle, but well, Uncle needs to eat after all. I think Thomas got a bit sick though, he doesn’t see that sort of thing often I expect. With them eliminated we set up the box to make repairs. The box will eventually clean up the poison too, but we have some time to kill and decided to travel to the Nomads stronghold.

We considered neutralizing these Nomads. We found their stronghold and they attacked us. Akel was only to happy to unleash his inner maniac and kill. We took one prisoner. We traveled on to their encampment in a large village. Corin suggested that we might deploy her to enrapture their leader and make everything work out simpler. That seems to have worked out very well. Their leader Axe is a stinking moron, a truly foul individual. We sent him along with his closest friends to visit Randall. I suppose he owes us two dinners now?

Now our former prisoner Lucky Eddie, is the new leader and much more compliant in general. Eddie is going to lower the amount of tribute demanded, but insist the farmers make the delivery of it to a central base he will have. I think that will work out fine. WHY do I keep meddling in socities that do not matter to me? Perhaps I am just naturally as manipulative as Octolamus always said.

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