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We discovered aparently who rules this place. We found Kit, a being of animation ‘tech’. (Seems to be a form of non-magical golem?) She is a cat-girl, and linked somehow (telepathicaly?) to Central. Central is a child-tech golem that seems to be the caretaker for this entire world. I like Central actually. A bit fearsome in power but almost childlike in innocence and attitude.

We estimated the age of this place to be maybe 64,000 years or so? Long ago when this world was made, the Creators had a disagreement. Some of them left, to create a new place. Central believes WE (Akel and I) are descendants of those Creators that left. Since all the old creators have died out, Central is unsure if we are suitable to claim dominion of this place and obey our directives. We have undertaken a task to help prove our legitimacy by helping to re-establish communication and repairs with the large areas beyond Central’s domain.

Kit is to accompany us. I find her very charming, she is entirely alive in every way that is meaningful (or delightful even…). She will be invaluble in our mission as a liason to Central (when com is online…what does that mean? Kit keeps saying it like I would know???) and wealth of information in general. She is uber-cute! A spritely cheerful kitten, delighted to have comapanions at long last. I saw Zafi looking at her, I think she is going to invite her to share our tent as we travel. If she doesn’t, I certainly will!

Apparently Akel is a Duke or Lord of some sorts among his people. They seem to enjoy conquest and prize battle skills most highly. His manners have improved, apparently he is prone to dark moods and our meeting yesterday has uplifted his disposition. I still can sense the fear and lonliness growing within him. I chose to talk to Zafi about maybe finding him a suitable companion. (I do so love being matchmaker!) She recommended her friend Corin, and I was most pleased to make the introduction. They seem to be getting on quite well, and whatever makes my ally more stable and ingratiated to me improves the situation. Corin is wonderful company to have in any case. I love her hair!

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