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We decided to go back and try and salvage the Box right away. If the TechOverlords realized what they had on board their ship their security measures might have been too tight for us recover it. Duke knew an independent sort of salvage operator not far away and we looked to him for help. Lee is an odd sort of man but he agreed to help us, in exchange for our locating the wreck and to help him salvage things from it too. We arrived in the right area with Lee’s salvage boat and a divingball. There was a small TechOverlord boat keeping an eye on the site and we neutralized them. Zafi, Corin and I went up on deck as a diversion to draw them in close. After they got near I stepped to their ship with Akel and it was all over quickly. We took a few more prisoners, which were handed over to the Valkyrie later.

Before we started searching the wreck, Kit discovered a repair bot on the site that was active. She took an interest in it and we went to look for it. (Taking anything except our Box was not part of the deal with Lee really, but we gave him the OverLords boat we captured in a fair trade for the bot and a few other things.) The Bot is named JB and seems to be an advanced repair unit. (or so I am told, I think he is much less friendly than Kit, even coarse but he seems to be very useful. Glad we have him. Kit says he is odd in that he seems to have accidentally developed independent functions.) We did a search for the Box and with Kit’s and Lee’s help we found it fairly quickly. We then picked up some more stuff for Lee in exchange for his help, as agreed, and we exited quickly.

We arrived at Skull Cove a few days later. A pirate haven! What an interesting place to explore and experience! I would have never had a chance to go slumming like this back at home! I am curious what might be in a place like this. I offered to Captain Talon to have our Box, Kit, and JB refit the Valkyrie with transmitted power. It looks like in order to do that they will need to only double the energy potential they now have because the ship might not handle more than that. It would make the Valkyrie completely free to go anywhere with no restrictions. Increase speed, unlimited fuel, and double the weapons energy potentials. I imagine Talon could even make a fair side business recharging power crystals for other Freebooters. He seemed rather pleased, to say the least! This could take a month or so, so we have some time to enjoy the place.

I am learning a bit about this whole tech-magic stuff. My imagination has been kindled aflame with the possibilities! I am going to devote more of my time and effort to learn all I can about it. There are things that arcane arts can do that tech-magic cannot. The tech-magic seems to be faster and easier for some things though.

Perhaps while we are in town the opportunity might arise to spend some time with Nautica. I think I like her. Maybe I could ask her to escort me around Skull Cove?

I have also been thinking about Thomas. I know he is smitten with me, what should I do? I am not exactly interested in that way, so perhaps I can play matchmaker again? I am sure Zafi and Corin could recommend someone, I just don’t know if this is the route I want in the end. Maybe Zafi has an opinion.

I’m sleepy…

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