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I had a terible nightmare last night. I was naked standing on a rock in Hell. The Reaper looked at me with sorrow and asked whom I wished destroyed. I replied ‘ALL OF THEM!!! SPARE NONE MY WRATH!!!’ I had never felt such horror and rage! The Reaper himself seemed almost intimidated. He moved swiftly, my obediant servant, but not fast enough to satisfy me. The very gates and foundation of Hell began to shake and fold. Gozer herself came and begged, pleaded with me, to stop. I told her it was too late…for her sake, I was sorry, but this was the end…of everything. My heart was ripped open and all that I had ever loved was destroyed. Yet, the Reaper was not the true source of my power…I held a device in my hand. Was it some of this new tech-magic? I knew if I activated the device the very multiverse itself, every plane, dimension, and realm, would pass into total oblivion. I was about to do it…

Zafi woke me urgently, ‘What are you dreaming Xin ?‘ The look in her eyes told me everything. She and Kit held me while I cried.

I didn’t tell them the dream. Was it one of my visions? Or just an upset tummy? I think they assume I am homesick, which is true. But..it felt real…too real. This tech-magic is powerful, very powerful. If it created whole worlds, it can destroy them as well. Which leaves me to wonder…exactly what lies within my reach?

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XPage 10

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