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Date: Unknown (Day One, or Fractalmas 34567constellar time )

Today I found myself entirely by accident transported to a new world! That damn bird in the library! It was all my fool sisters fault, she knew I would use her key. Silly mirror scroll… She likely arranged this to remove me as her rival. She knows I am more beautiful, but resorts to a subtle ruse to defeat me! I am impressed actually and slightly pleased. I can appreciate a good subterfuge, even if I am the victim. She removed me without harming me, most well done, Bravo sister.

I shall have to think long and hard to fashion a proper vengence, should I ever return from this Gozer-forsaken pit. It appears to be some sort of hidden dimensional space previously unknown to even my most wise demon advisors. I summoned Manni the Djinn, an expert in teleportation, portals, and interplanar travel. He was unable to successfully pinpint my location, much to his own surprise and embaressment. My summoning still functions, but once here even the demons and other outsiders are unaware of where “here” is in the cosmic scope of the multiverse.

As my powers still function, at least I have been able to tell mother and the others I am safe, (sort of) and communication is possible by relay. And of course Zaphia is here! I should die of heartbroken loneliness and despair if my beloved were taken from me! Her warm loving embrace gives me the courage to face this nightmare of tedium and ennui. Met an odd person, named Akel. Seems to be a sort of elven offbreed, no doubt degenerated from whatever appalling experiments in deviant sorcery his people practice.

He has the power to fuel his arcane powers from the living blood of others, or himself. He is aggressive and hostile, but we have formed an alliance. He is also a stranger here, so we are natural friends. His method of arrival was somewhat different, a portal-like device he played with recklessly. No matter, he seems very useful, and is willing to listen to logical discussion so he may even have a rudimentary education of sorts. His manners are appalling, but a loyal tall scary intimidating companion will help me rest easier in this strange place.

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