Welcome to the Giasphere

 We hope you like it because you might be here a while…

    The Giasphere was the ultimate technological achievement of a race of hyper intelligent beings now only known as the first ones. Their mastery of science and technology gave them powers akin to the God's, and like any young Diety their thoughts spun towards dreams of creation. Life in all its splendor and squaller, fair and foul, they crafted and abondoned, watched and measured.

    It is said that one came who would not sit in cold judgement. He would not decide with logical calculation but with love. To protect his creation he left the power and security of home and set out to make a new place for his creations, where he would nurture all that came to fruition not just those deemed most worthy. Where they could grow without bonds or constraint.

    Millenia have passed, the first ones may have left, or died, or been driven off or perhaps watch us all still. While some will debate if they still watch no one will debate that they no longer seem to do anything more active then that.

     Now rumors are heard that the first ones may be returning, some say they come themselves, others say they have sent their messengers to herald there return, a few hushed voices even whisper that the unfettered have returned.

     Once more the winds of change blow across the vastness of the Giasphere, will they hereld the spring rains of renewal or the start of its final storm…


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