Tag: Zuul


  • Uncle Randal

    Randall is a demonic shade. A being of no mass, a mere shadow. He likes to drain the life force of people he thinks might be yummy. He is a bit of a voyeur too. (Voice of Steve Buscemi)

  • Octolomus

    Octolomus is the attorney of the Esqua clan's royal family. He has served them for generations, and is considered a member of the family. His skill at drafting and discovering a loophole in a contract is unparalleled!

  • Rags

    Rags is a fire-imp fixer. That is, he knows people. Demons. People that know Demons. People that know Demons, that know more people. People that know people and Demons, and other people and still more demons and their second cousins, childhood friends, …

  • Zaphia

    Zaphia is the youngest daughter of Zuul the Destroyer, the right hand of Gozer. She is very young for a demon and has formed a deep loving relationship with Princess Xin'luvakii Esqua. A formidable spellcaster she seems often quiet and shy.

  • The Reaper

    The Reaper is a demon of unsurpassed power and destruction. While the ability to summon such a creature is within Xin's ability the power to control it is not. This creature would only be unleashed as a true doomsday weapon upon whatever unfortunate …