April 2009
Recovery of The box and JB joins the party

As of the last session when the party intercepted the Tech Overlord scout ship and destroyed it before it could report back to base they have decided to turn the Valkyrie around and head back to the crash site immediately and to attempt to recover the black box themselves.

March 2009
Making Friends from the Raven Clan

The group continued aboard the Valkyrie heading towards Skull Cove.

In the middle of the night Xin is waken up by the sounds of additional sailors rushing to the deck and laying on maximum sail.

February 2009

The party is still in the town of Stonard, Corin has used her succubus powers to persuade Axe the Nomad chieften to take his most loyal and bloodthirsty gang members on a raid of the ruins of the power plant in the Buella Holler Valley.

October 2008
Game Start

Introduce the 2 main characters.

Akel Golgatha a duke in the court of  Melnebone and a blood mage playesd by Steve.

Xin – Princess of the star drow and demonologist, played by Jim

 While exploring the frozen wastelands of the great northern mountains Akel discovers a huge anchient fortress of the titans. Within he finds a sealed tower that he uses his magic to enter. At the top of the tower he discovers a giant wall mirror that turns out to be a one way portal to another world…

 While trying to sneak into the family magical storage vault to snoop on the secrets of forbiden magics powerfull and deadly the princess slips and falls thru a magical mirror to another world.


The two end up togeter, did they come from the same place? Where are they? There not sure of anything, but that there not in Kansas anymore

Giasphere Gameplay Log!
A work in progress....

Here I will try to post at least a summery of each play session so that in time if the campaign lasts long enough we will have a nice resource to look back on.


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