March 2009

Making Friends from the Raven Clan

The group continued aboard the Valkyrie heading towards Skull Cove.

In the middle of the night Xin is waken up by the sounds of additional sailors rushing to the deck and laying on maximum sail.

Upon reaching the main deck she finds the control room has guards posted outside of it. She decides to go instead to the foredeck.

There she runs into Duke the old veteran Free Booter of the Raven Clan. He has a large sniper blaster out and is scanning the horizon threw its scope.

Duke tells her that a scout ship of the Tech Overlords has spotted them. Quick thinking and reaction on the part of Captain Talon and the crew of the Valkyrie allowed them to get an EMP shell off close enough to the scout ship to disable its long range communications.

The Valkyrie is slowly gaining on the scout ship. Just as they are almost in range of the weapons the scout begins discharging floating mines out of its aft tube.

It turns out that although the scout craft is beyond the range where the Valkyrie’s computer can work out a good firing solution they are not out of range of the dead eye of Duke and his custom sniper blaster.

Duke proceeds to pick off 3 of the crew of the scout ship in quick succession and then with a smile tags a mine just as it is emerging from the small craft, taking out not only the mine but the entire scout vessel with it.

During this exchange Nautica has come up on deck and engaged Xin in conversation. The result of which is that she agrees to join the party with her group of 4 raiders as they have lost there ship and have no other place to go in any real hurry.

It is also decided that the group will step up its plans to return to the crash site to do there own recovery of the lost atonimus repair unit.



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