February 2009


The party is still in the town of Stonard, Corin has used her succubus powers to persuade Axe the Nomad chieften to take his most loyal and bloodthirsty gang members on a raid of the ruins of the power plant in the Buella Holler Valley.

Axe names Eddy, now called Lucky Eddy because of his miraculous survival of last sessions party imposed slaughterfest at the outer gate. as being in charge while he and the raiding party are gone.

The raid, lead by axe leaves 3 days after the party had reached Stonard, The group spends the next three days helping Lucky Eddy get setup as new “intrim” leader of the group and the plan that he will drastically curtail the Nomads tax on the farmers in return for the farmers delivering it to Stonard themselves.

The party leaves to follow axe back to Buella Holler, he is 4 days ahead of them on the 6 day journey they borrow 2 of the Nomads dune Buggies for the trip from Lucky Eddy.

The party arrives in Buella Holler to find the plan to have Axe and the boys all consumed by Uncle Randal the wraith has worked as planned.

They also see that the repair bots are working industriously to clean up the radioactive contamination in the soil and structures of the town, and that the primary starter motor of the power plant has been re-built and put into operation.

Uncle Randal is in a deep sleep after consuming the souls of the 18 unfortunate Nomad gang members.

Thomas begins to retrofit the dune buggies to take out the back seats and add large additional fuel tanks to extend there range. A Bright blue light and a throbbing sonic hum descends on the party from above. As the whole area is bathed in the blue light, Kit and all of the other machinery in the compound stops moving.

The party tries to grab weapons and or make a run for it, but are knocked unconscious by the lethargic effects of the beam before they can make good there escape or resistance.

The party awake to find themselves in a pitch black room made of seamless rubber like material which appears impervious to harm. Xin uses her dimension door spell to transport the party out of the room to the corridor next to it. As they are exiting they hear what sounds like a loud explosion in the distance.

The group makes there way thru the corridors of what turns out to be a Tech Overlords flying fortress, they encounter a few guards near a turbo-lift that are in a heated blaster battle with a group of unknown people who later turn out to Free Booters.

The group assists the guards to escape and learn from them that Kit is being held in one of the ships labs and that there repair station is on the storage level. All the while more and more explosions are going off and the obviously besieged flying fortress has taken on a drastic tilt.

The group makes a quick stop back on there detention level where they use one of the guards security cards to access there confiscated equipment (other then any Tech items they had). They also open a random cell and free 4 people that turn out to be Free Booters of the Raven Clan.

After taking a lift down to the lab level the group finds Kit connected to the wall of one of the labs by numerous cables and wires and being examined by a small R2D2 looking robot. They manage to have the robot release her with the use of one of the guards security cards.

By this time the situation is so bad the group decides to make for an escape pod rather then trying for there other tech gear on the storage level. The group makes there way to a few pods and eject from the now burning and falling flying fortress.

The group is picked up by some Free Booters of the Sea Dog Clan and taken on board the Valkyrie to see Captain Talon.

After some discussions it is decided that the group will go with Captain Talon to Skull Cove and from there decide what to do next…



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