April 2009

Recovery of The box and JB joins the party

As of the last session when the party intercepted the Tech Overlord scout ship and destroyed it before it could report back to base they have decided to turn the Valkyrie around and head back to the crash site immediately and to attempt to recover the black box themselves.

Duke mentions that he knows a guy named Lee who is an old friend who operated a naval salvage operation not too far from the area, so the party decides to go enlist his aid in the recovery.

After meeting up with Lee the party sets off on his main recovery vessel the Lucky Lady which has a large crane and a diving bell on the back for deep sea recovery operations.

When the party reach the crash site they detect a small water ship of the tech overlords already there. A few of the girls lay out on the deck of the Lucky Lady in little or no clothing and the crew hides below deck to make themselves look like a pleasure craft out on a cruse.

The small ship is taken in by this and approaches the Lady luck without firing or hostility. Xin and Akel dimension door onto the small ship and Akel kills a few of the crew by using his blood magic this intimidates the rest of the crew into immediate surrender.

The next morning the team begins salvage operations. Even before they go below the surface though Kit says that she has made a computer connection with a piece of tech called a wielder robot that is calling itself JayBee.

The party decides to recover JayBee and then look for there box. After a little work they find a large robot in a locked storage room. He is helpful and capable of repairing most tech devices of a mechanical nature (IE not high end electronics).

The next day the party locates the box, but it is on the deck below where there access to the ship has placed them and the lifts that go between floors are in a flooded zone of the ship.

The party has JayBee cut a hole in the floor and build a ramp down to the lower level. The party encounters 11 Tech Overlords crew survivors on this level. Xin tricks them into going into a side storage unit and has Kit lock the door via the ships computer.

The party recovers there box and a good load of other tech booty to cover Lee’s expenses. They then head back to Lee’s island. From there they bid there farewells to Lee and along with there new companion JayBee they re-board the Valkyrie.

They proceed on to Skull Cove as they arrive they determine that with the resources of the black box and JayBee they will retrofit the Valkyrie to be able to run on beamed power.

There is some discussion of weather the party will continue on the Valkyrie or get a ship of there own, but no decisions are made. For now the Free Booter Town of Skull Cove awaits the party’s attention…



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